My Personal Review Worth It?

My Personal Review Worth It?

Freeze Away Fat??


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Video transcription:

Hey guys! Welcome to today’s video. We’re going to be doing something entirely different. I have never done anything like this on my channel before. I’m gonna take you with me. We’re gonna go on a kind of a field trip.
I don’t know where you guys live, if it’s the same. But here in Los Angeles, you’ll see billboards that are like, “Freeze the fat.” Back in time, a few months ago, I did something procedure wise, cosmetic procedure wise, and you guys can see behind the scenes and I will share with you all of the detail on this procedure, that is totally safe. It is not like I was put under or had surgery or anything. I did CoolSculpting.


They reached out to me and they basically offered for me to do the procedure on them and I could document and share with my audience exactly how it went, how I felt. You know, bring cameras, film the whole thing, and so, I did that.
I wanted to wait until I saw the whole results to do this video here, which I’m kind of thinking, why did I wanna put this on the internet? Because I’m gonna show you like “Before and After” which is actually really astonishing. I am personally blown away by this. I didn’t think it was as big of a result as it is, looking at the photos, which we will get to.

Basically when fat cells are exposed to extreme hold, they cannot survive, they die and then, they pass through the body. So, essentially, you pee out the fat. There’s no like, pretty way to say that. It doesn’t happen immediately. It is safe. It is FDA cleared. It is nothing that requires cutting or anesthesia, you don’t have to be put under. It’s said to be a pain free procedure, which for the most part it is, I’m gonna get to that a little bit later as well.

I also wanna share with you guys that when I did a video back in June, talking about getting my lips injected, because yes, I share that here on my channel, if you haven’t watched that video. It happened. I tried that out. It hasn’t done anything to my lips since. But I’m a big believer that it’s your body. If people disagree with your choice, then, they don’t have to do that. It’s their choice. But for me, safe procedures that aren’t going to completely, permanently alter my look, I’m okay with, if it’s going to help boost my confidence.
In that video, a lot of you guys in the commend section asked if the next time I did anything like that, that I would take you with me. So, this was a really good opportunity to have full clearance of being able to take a camera and document. And also, this is not a weight loss kind of aid thing. It’s not like you’re going to step on a scale and all of a sudden be like, Woohoo! I lost five pounds. That’s not quite how it works. It’s the reduction in the size of the area. So, for my waist, it worked wonders.

during treatment: slightly painful
during treatment: slightly painful

I personally have struggled with my mid-section for ever and ever and ever. It’s totally my problem area that I have been heavier, I have been thinner. My weight definitely fluctuates all over the place, unfortunately. And back, when I was a teenager, I did go through a huge weight gain. I was 25 pounds heavier than I am right now. I feel like I never got my stomach back to what I wanted it to be.
So, that is the type of thing CoolSculpting is perfect for. It’s not necessarily going to make you like lose weight everywhere. It’s for those problem areas that where you exercised, you’re eating healthy, you’ve done what you could, and you have a stubborn area of fat that you want to freeze off, you can do that with CoolSculpting, and it will target that area.
So, let me take a quick pause here and we will take a look at the footage of me actually going, Oh My God! I was terrified, by the way, so terrified. I Vlogged a little bit and then, let’s go see my stomach and all its glory. So, let’s hop to that footage.

Footage Starts
I am on my way to do something kind of strange but you guys asked for this. I’m doing this for you. I’m also totally doing this for me. But I’m also doing it for you. So, basically I’m really nervous and being weird right now because I’m on my way to go do something where basically I’m going to freeze the fat on my stomach. I know, right? You guys are gonna see all my business.

I’m gonna go freeze my fat. It’s gonna be really weird. You guys are gonna see my do this. I’m so scared. I’m actually kind of scared but I have a buffen top and it’s not something that I would like being up during a makeup tutorial like, “Hey guys! Let me share this insecurity that I have.” It doesn’t matter whether I lose weight or gain weight, whatever. It’s genetic, stubborn area on my body that I would really like to get rid of. And so, I’m taking you guys with me. We’re gonna see how this machine works. Yeah, that’s all I got for you right now. I’m gonna talk to the doctor once we get there. It’s not gonna be something I would be put under or there’s blood or anything like that. It’s a, you guys will see. So, we’re almost there and I’m gonna go. Next time you’ll see me, I’ll be walking into this appointment.

This is what I’m getting rid of. That’s the machine. Oh Sh*t! What’d I do? No one saw that.
There’s a huge vacuum pressure here. So, as soon as I apply it, she feels a large patch. She’s gonna feel a suction in this applicator. It’s cools down the cells for about an hour. Fat cells can’t survive in this treatment.
You look wonderful hunny. It’s going to be a beautiful bouncing baby.
Footage Ends

So, I do want to add that there was a little bit of discomfort for me. I mean like everybody is like, “Pain free, Pain free, Pain free.” I have like zero pain threshold whatsoever. I am basically a total wimp. So, when they put those suctions on me, I felt that pinch and for about 10 minutes, it was so cold and the only way I can explain how it felt like, if you put an ice pack on you and you, and you really have that like, desire to life it off like you just wanna lift the cold off. With those suctions on there, you can’t just like, lift them off. You kinda have to wait for that area to go numb which takes about 10 minutes. And then, you really don’t feel much because you’re numb.

redness after procedure
redness after procedure

When they take the suction off, they start massaging the area which is just strange because it literally just looks like a stick of butter or like brick. It’s just very strange. You might not even wanna look down. It’s really “Eww!” But they massaged that out and that part stings a little bit because you’ve been so cooled down. And then, everything is like, just coming back to regular temperature. But beyond that, it’s really not that big of a thing. You’re watching Netflix for an hour, ticking back, reading, doing whatever you want, playing on your phone, and you freeze your fat.
Now, you don’t walk out of the office all of a sudden with that 20-25% reduction. You have to wait, definitely wait a few months. And initially, I was a little bit swollen. So, I was like, “Man! This is not working.” Like, “What is the deal? I don’t like it.” Like, my stomach felt a little bit numb. I felt bloated. But then, week by week, I started seeing results, and more results. And it just kept going. And I’m gonna show you guys the “Before and After” photos right now, and you’ll see that there’s such a huge difference.


By the way, I did not change anything with my diet. I did not exercise any more than I normally do. I really wanted to see if this would work with me, being consistent, how I am in my normal daily routine. And I saw really huge results. So, the pictures, they speak for themselves. I definitely recommend this for someone who’s looking to get rid of a stubborn area. If you think that will make you feel more confident, go for it. I don’t regret doing this at all. I really, really loved the results. I feel like, I don’t know, I just feel cute about my tummy right now. And I love that.
That offers CoolSculpting but if you want that complete list of who is legit, who you should go and see. Go to “” I will have additional information below, in the description box. I hope you guys enjoyed my “Before and After” photos. And me, putting this out there on the internet. If enough of you guys enjoy this kind of a thing and I don’t get like, crazy hate on this video, then I will be more likely to do something like this in the future.


If I do get my lips refilled, if I do anything else like that nature where I can take you guys along with me, I would love to do that again. Your response means everything to me. So, I wanna know if you guys are okay with this and yeah, that is all I have for you today. I hope that you guys enjoyed this. And I will see you guys next time.